Drive to a Destination Confidently Using the Ram 2500's Command Center

While you sit behind the steering wheel, you'll have access to the command center. By using the apps on the console, the process of successfully reaching your destination will be easy because you'll have access to maps, security tools, and more.

Thanks to the 8.4-inch screen, everything on the display panel is easy to see. The apps are very easy to access because they can be launched by tapping the screen. Before you begin a trip in the Ram 2500, you can set a route by using the map tool. While you're traveling on the road, you can enjoy your favorite songs on the radio. The command center has a SiriusXM radio app and an HD radio system. After you reach your destination and park in a parking facility, the Vehicle Finder will help you track the Ram's location quickly and efficiently.

The Ram 2500 also has security tools and safety solutions, and you can check out these features by visiting Razzari Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. We're a local dealership in Merced, and we provide educational test drives in the Ram 2500.



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